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Born and raised in Salzburg, I started to draw at the tender age of 6 years.

The extraordinary talent found recognition and became the engine of my ideas and skills.

Under the guidance of famous sculptors, I learned the art of wood sculptor and stonemason, and turned to after many years of work as a sculptor of painting.

This was followed by a 2-year study at the Free Academy of Painting in Hamburg.

Constant expansion of my artistic skills through travel and self-management.

The starting point of the works is unconscious and conscious, rich in detail and sometimes precise to bring in oil or acrylic on the canvas.

A game of memory and reproduction, like life itself.

The love of nature, the individual and the different cultures are sources of inspiration for my works.

These are stories that can not be recognized at first glance, they often tell each other only after months or years, sometimes not at all.

So they always stay up to date.

Real - fantastic - magical affectionate - ambiguous - touching Full of hidden beauties that inspire and enchant when looking at.

With the flow of the image, every viewer can set his own ideas in motion.

Exhibitions:       Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland,                                                USA(Miami/NewYork).


Awards:              Palm Art Award 2014 - Certificate of Excellence

                           Palm Art Award 2015 - Certificate of Excellence

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